Alexandria and District Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Details: October 8, 2019

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Alexandria & District Chamber of Commerce

Chambre de commerce d’Alexandria et du district

Minutes for October 8th, 2019

Dinner Meeting Alexandria Pizzeria

Phil Cloutier (Glengarry Furniture)                           James Tomlinson (Satcomm Installations)            

Scott DaPrato (Commonwell Insurance)                                Ginny Menard (G&S Techtronics)

MelodieNeiderer (Jean Coutu)                                  Danielle Duranceau (Community Living Glengarry)

Nicole Bourbonnais (The Palace)                               Michael Madden (Lakeside Green Environmental)

Josee Hunter (Happy Feet)                                         Sylvain Martin (Alexandria Stationary)

Jenn Watson (Guest Speaker)

1. Call to order at 6:03 PM by Phil Cloutier

2. Approval of the agenda for October 8, 2019 – By James Tomlinson and Nicole Bourbonnais

3. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting June 18, 2019 - – By James Tomlinson and Nicole Bourbonnais

4. Business arising from the minutes – None to report

5. Reports from the Committees:

Addressing Membership and Business Registration – There are only 36 registered members of the Chamber at this time.  A business directory should be created. We have had lots of hits for the Chambers Website.
Catch The Ace - Was Won July 18th by Christian Lavigne in the amount of $16,714.00

It is to be determined when the next round of Catch The Ace will start.

Phil Cloutier will not be able to do Catch The Ace on Thursday anymore – as he will be working on a new contract and will not have the time.  We are stilling wanting to do Catch The Ace but we will have to make a schedule. MelodieNeiderer will be able to go to Community Living after work on Thursdays to pick up the money from the ticket sales.  We should be starting Catch The Ace Thursday, October 31, 2019.  Apparently Vankleek Hill had one going and it didn’t work well for them – they are just going to choose a winner.

Discussing upcoming and recent events: (See attached documents from James Tomlinson)

The proposed parent shopping night coming up on November 28, which James has  invited Jenn Watson,

the Parent Representative from the St. Finnans Parent Council to give the details.
Events from the recent Heritage day
The upcoming weekly business promo on the website.

6. New business:

-Request from Club Optimiste Alexandria – Passed a vote Scott DaPrato and James Tomlinson $500 in Chamber dollars to the Alexandria Optimiste Club.  We want to make sure that the Chamber gets acknowledged for giving the Chamber dollars to them.  We feel that they do a lot in the community – We will use the Nevada Fund to purchase the Chamber dollars.

-Township licensing for Contractors – Michael Madden brought to the meeting some information regarding a “license for contractors” – Hawkesbury already requires a license for contractors to work. It is $100 to apply for a license and then $120 a year – the Municipality will take care of this – It would mean the contractors were hopefully verified –kind of like the Craig’s List of contractors but with the municipality.  It would be for any licensed trade.

                -Christmas Party – Groovyyurts said that we can have our Christmas party in one of their yurts and we

will check to see if it can be catered by La Belle Sorelle.  A Tuesday or Wednesday for the Christmas party.MelodieNeiderer will look into the food.

-Chamber Clothing (T-Shirts for members) – MelodieNeiderer will be looking into the T-Shirts for members.

-Christmas Parade – Having a float – Sylvain will do it – Scott DaPrato and James Tomlinson will help collect the funds for Sylvain Martin .

-A Draw Once A Week starting Monday, November 25, 2019 and ending December 16th, 2019.

First week $50; Second week is 2x$50; Third week is 3x$50 and Fourth week is 4x$50

This draw will be with Chamber dollars – this will help to create movement for the businesses in town.

7. Correspondence

                Received a letter from the Glengarry Artists’ Collective (Attached)

                Letter from Make-A-Wish – They were thanking us for our generous gift of $500.00

Letter from the Royal Canadian Legion looking for funds – They need help with their gift baskets as well as the wreath.  We will give them $200 ($130 for the baskets and $70 for the wreath) from Catch The Ace funds. Voted Michael Madden and Scott DaPrato agreed.

8. Round table discussion – Nothing to report.

9. Next meeting: Alexandria Pizzeria on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

10.Adjournment at 7:25 PM by Phil Cloutier


Come and show your support!! Its a great chance to meet other members of our local business community and share your ideas!!


The next meeting of the Alexandria and District Chamber of Commerce is: Tuesday November 6, 2019

6:00 pm

The Alexandria Restaurant

127 Main Street South