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UPDATED: May 17, 2020

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It's something that has become a big part of our world and is affecting businesses large and small. Soon many of our smaller businesses, restaurants, bars and services in our area will change to suit the new era of this virus, some will close temporarily, some will change the way they do business, becoming more virtual and lose that person to person community feeling that we all love and cherish and have become accustomed to in our towns and small communities. There will be a lot of service people, health care services and businesses taking risks to ensure that others are taken care of, we should be thankful and show our support to them at this time, our "hour of need" But we have to do this!! We have to fight to protect those we love, and help those who need our help. Its time to think of others as well. If you are able to reach out to help seniors, disabled people or others who are not able to get out to get the things they need, let us know, let everyone know. Pass the word along and check on family and friends. Together we can beat this virus and get back to business as usual :)
We will be posting only VERIFIED information and updates during this trying time. Any posts of information concerning this virus will include the original information source for confirmation. Continue to watch your local news and check the Health Canada website.
James Tomlinson
Vice President
Alexandria and District Chamber of Commerce

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OUR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ( AGM ) SCHEDULED FOR APRIL 28th, 2020 HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19. Watch here and our Facebook page for updates and rescheduled dates.